Works on ANY device! beta access

EMS Smart Apps was designed to be used in the office AND the field. Access your apps from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone using any modern browser!

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User-friendly Interface

Simple Transport Scheduling beta access

Stop using spreadsheets and start managing transports with our Smart Transport Manager. Quickly schedule transports and assign them to crews. Schedule Wheelchairs and Stretchers with easy color coded grids. Crews can add mileage and times directly from their phones!

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Fleet Management! beta access

Managing fleet maintenance can be daunting. Our Vehicle Maintenance app allows you to track the mileage, maintenance logs, and inspections records for all vehicles in your fleet. Receive notifications when registration, inspection and even service are due!

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Easy Reminders

How To Use

Getting started is easy! Three simple steps to start managing your service!

1Sign up for our Free Trial~

This is the easiest step of them all!

2Add Users and Vehicles

Well you obviously can't use it until you add your users and adding vehicles is required to schedule transports!

3Keep calm and use

Sit back and relax as our system alleviates some of the pain of running your service, no more tracking transports and vehicles with spreadsheets! Easy reports and reminders will free up your time to manage your service!

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30 Day absolutely free trial, NO PAYMENT INFO REQUIRED!

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You have questions and we have answers!

Getting Started

Getting started is easy, just look for a free trial button! Fill out the form and check your email! Once you are logged in add users and vehicles and your system is ready to go!

I don't want EVERYONE to be able to add trips or edit information

Users can be assigned roles within your company. Create as many roles with as many permissions as you would like. If you want only one or two people to be able to add and edit trips then that is how many will have permissions!

Can you send email notifications?

Email notifications are available for multiple features. We can send an email to all admins whenever a trip is scheduled, and we can even send an email when an ambulance is due for inspection.

Do we have to buy new equipment?

EMS Smart Apps works on all modern web browsers. Phones, tablets and laptops and desktops can access the system from any web browser!

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